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Marin Hazardous Waste - Residential Guidelines

The following materials ARE NOT accepted at the Marin Household Hazardous Waste Facility.

Household Items

•  Toasters
•  Blenders
•  Coffee machines
•  Fans
•  Humidifiers
•  Irons
•  Vacuum Cleaners
•  Refrigerators (large or small)
•  Air Conditioners

Business Equipment

• Large printers
• X-Ray machines


• Vitamins
• Medications
• Find drop-off locations for medications at Zero Waste Marin.

Hair Products

• Hair dryers
• Flat irons

Tapes & CDs

• Cassette Tapes
• VHS Tapes
• Compact Discs (CDs)


• Marine Flares
• Fire Works


•  E-cigarette pens, machines etc.


• Toys of any kind

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