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Slide KNOW BEFORE YOU GO Important information about how to prepare your hazardous waste materials, appointments, and what kind of documentation you need to bring with you. Residential Business

Residential Accepted Cooking Oil Cleansers Paint Bulbs Cosmetics Cosmetics Recycling Recycle Paint Cooking Oil Residential Accepted Electronics Batteries Bulbs Propane Cleansers Electronics Propane Cylinders Residential Accepted Asbestos Sharps Gasoline Mercury Fertilizers asbestos Marin Hazardous Waste - Residential Customers ACCEPTED RESIDENTIAL WASTES

Commercial Accepted Electronics Batteries Bulbs Cleansers Propane Electronics Propane Cylinders Commercial Accepted Cooking Oil Bulbs Paint Cosmetics Cleansers Cosmetics Recycling Recycle Paint Commercial Accepted Asbestos Bulbs Pesticides Mercury Gasoline asbestos Marin Hazardous Waste - Business Customers ACCEPTED COMMERCIAL WASTES

Not Accepted Vacuums Toys Toys Tapes Equipment Fans Fans Not Accepted Meds Vacuums Fireworks Hair Dryers Blenders NOT ACCEPTED WASTES Marin Hazardous Waste - Not Accepted Material

Residential Accepted Marin HHW Map HOURS Residential Drop-off LOCATION Commercial Drop-off (Fees Apply) Tue - Sat 8:00am - 3:30pm Tue - Wed 8:00am - 3:00pm 565 Jacoby Street HHW Main Line: 415-485-6806 Contact San Rafael, CA 94901 Closed Sunday and Monday By Appointment Only Call 415-456-2665 Holidays 4th of July Thanksgiving Christmas New Year's Day

Slide AVOID THE SPARK Batteries can and should be recycled when they reach their end-of-life. Battery Recycling TM

Reuse It Marin Reuse it Paint REUSE IT MARIN Our Reuse It Marin program encourages reuse of certain hazardous materials that would otherwise be disposed of. Some of the items we offer for reuse are: Latex Paint Aerosol Cans Household Cleaning Products Automotive Products Learn More

Slide WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR HAZARDOUS WASTE? This infographic shows you what material we collect and where it goes. Where does it go?



Treated Wood

Treated Wood Disposal

Treated Wood Waste Disposal The alternative management standard (AMS), which allows waste haulers to accept treated wood waste (TWW) from residential and commercial customers, expires on December 31, 2020. For this reason, beginning on January 1, 2021, waste haulers in …

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Cleaning Products

¡Día de colección de residuos tóxicos! Junio 13 de 9 am a 1pm

¿Has estado limpiado tu casa últimamente más de lo normal? Durante el día de recolección de desechos tóxicos tu puedes deshacerte responsablemente de todos los productos peligrosos que has encontrado en el baño, cocina, o garaje. Llama ahora para separar …

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