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Marin Hazardous Waste - Partnerships and Programs
In addition to our collection facility, we proudly offer programs and partnerships to provide you with as many options as possible to safely dispose of your hazardous wastes.

Reuse It Marin



Thermostat Recycling

Reuse it Marin

You know the adage, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle? We take that very seriously around here.

One of the ways we help facilitate “reuse” is through our Reuse it Marin program. Visit our facility and you’ll find the Reuse it Marin area where we offer like-new products for residents and businesses to take for free. We also offer reprocessed latex paint for a fee to the public and to local jurisdictions for the use of graffiti abatement, offered in white, beige, and gray.

The reuse area is open to the public during facility hours. Please come visit us!

We proudly utilize Smarter Sorting software platform to track the products we offer in Reuse It Marin.


PaintCare makes it easy to recycle leftover paint, stain, and varnish.

We receive a lot of paint at our facility, in fact, it comprises about 47% of the waste we collect!

Luckily, we’ve partnered with PaintCare, a non-profit product stewardship organization created by the American Coatings Association. In California and other states that pass paint stewardship laws, PaintCare establishes drop-off locations where households and businesses can take their unwanted, leftover paint to be managed for reuse, recycling, energy recovery, or safe disposal.

We know it may not always be convenient to bring your leftover paint to our facility, and that’s why PaintCare is so great. The program allows Marin County residents and businesses additional paint drop-off locations to increase accessibility and provide service to all paint users. Most locations are paint retailers and hardware stores, which are convenient locations open year-round and up to seven days a week. Across the eight states and the District of Columbia, PaintCare provides more than 1,730 year-round drop-off sites, 78% of which are paint retailers.

Visit to Find a Drop-off Location Near You



The country’s largest, most reliable battery recycling program.

Call2recycleIn our increasingly electronic world, consumers are using more batteries and products with batteries than ever before. To help properly manage consumer batteries at their end-of-life and spread battery recycling awareness, we’ve partnered with Call2Recycle®.

On behalf of corporate stewards, Call2Recycle has helped optimize collections, share experiences and expertise, and responsibly manage the end-of-life of batteries and other material. This year marks the program’s 25th anniversary.

In 2018 we participated in the Avoid the Spark – Be Battery Safety Smart campaign in an effort to educate our community about the proper handling, management and transport of batteries. Through our continued partnership with Call2Recycle, we look forward to engaging our community on battery recycling and helping to keep people and property safe.

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Thermostat Recycling

Safe disposal of mercury thermostats.

Thermostat Recycling CorporationIt’s illegal and hazardous to the environment to throw out a mercury thermostat with your regular trash. Our facility accepts them, and you are welcome to bring them to us, but we know that it’s not always easy to get to our facility. That’s why we’re grateful to partner with the Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC) to ensure that mercury thermostats are being properly recycled.

TRC provides local collection sites where you can drop off your old mercury thermostat. You may even qualify to receive a rebate.

Visit to Find a Drop-off Location Near You